Reeves Dallas Pencil Art

Jennifer Maestre is the artist who created the start of all pencil artwork she first started out just carving on pencil leads and no one knows why. In her interviews she says,One day I was just pacing up and down trying to find inspiration for some artwork then it hit me why make art out of pencils, its genius.Some artist say it takes thousands of pencils to make just one sculpture.Here are some pieces of art made from pencils.

        This is a guerilla made of map pencils it is made by Stuart McKeown,he has nothing to say about it. I think all the sculptures made by pencils take a very long time and extreme patience because imagine if you are gluing one pencil down and you break the lead of a dozen others,I couldn’t handle doing it.Did you know that pencil art first started with people carving into the lead of a pencil.Here are some pictures of some of the first lead carvings.

I think that the shoe is very unique because of all the detail put into the shoe and it so hard to have that much in a piece lead.The eagle I think is a little easier because it doesn’t have so much detail.If you want more information on pencil art visit this link below.